Achievement Tags

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Have you ever heard of such things as achievement tags? Well, here at Miramonte Elementary, we have a large variety of tags that every student can earn. Students who accomplish their grade level goals receive an achievement tag that rewards them for their hard work.

Kindergarden students can receive an achievement tag when they write their numbers to 100. They also receive one when they read 50 high frequency words correctly. 

We have achievement tags for mastering Math Facts.  There is a different Math Facts goal for each grade.  For example, Sixth graders have a goal which is to complete the whole Math Facts program.  When they accomplish this, they receive all the Math Facts Tags from first grade through sixth grade.  

Overall, everyone has the opportunity to receive one type of tag; attendance tags. Each month, students who want to receive an attendance tag have to be at school every day, on time, and not leave early. There are attendance tags for every month of the school year.

We've got ACHIEVEMENT, yes we do! We've got ACHIEVEMENT, how about YOU?

By Juana and Ishbel
Honor Society 2011
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